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Learn about building

healthy habits with me!

Personal training and nutrition coaching

for kids and adults


Are you looking to... 


Gain confidence?

Feel capable?

Have more energy?

Do you feel like…


You’re not sure where to start to help your child move well, move often, and enjoy it?

You haven’t been able to be consistent with your food choices to help you feel good?

You’re searching for strategies to feel good about your food and activity choices?

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How we can help

Personal Training
When we move our bodies, it has a ripple effect into other parts of our lives. Our mind seems to clear, we have a confidence boost, and can take on more challenges. The goal of personal training is to help us move well, move often, and enjoy it.

Nutrition Coaching
Food is so much more than fuel and to treat it as just that would be missing a large part of what food is. With nutrition coaching, we work to build a firm foundation that is unique to you that will be a ripple effect to you feeling good physically and mentally.

We get it — building long lasting habits is hard.

     Most people think of training and nutrition as a chore that is less than desirable. Here at Hunter Health Habits, we work to build those habits to make training and nutrition fit your goals and life within a safe and supportive space.

How it works

1. Send us a message!

Tell us a little bit about you, your goals, and what you’re looking for.

2. Schedule a call!

We’ll talk about your story, your goals, and how we can help you move towards them.

3. Dive in!

We’ll get started working towards your goals.

At Hunter Health Habits we understand that training and nutrition can seem like daunting tasks to handle. Our mission is to make the process one that is enjoyable, manageable, and self sustaining. We’ll do this through meaningful interactions, thoughtful experiences, and long term support.

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from us?

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