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Introducing...The December Bingo Card!

I don't know about you but December always feels like the month where things are extra busy and it's getting dark earlier and treats are all around and there are so many avenues to choose less healthy habits. For instance, my neighbor makes amazing cookies and he so kindly brought me some... 2 dozen. Rather than either eat all the cookies myself or eat none of the cookies, there is a third option. I eat some of the cookies and share the rest with people. I still enjoy the cookies and I get to be happy about sharing it with the people around me. This month is all about finding that third option for me... and maybe for you too.

When thinking about a third option, there are so many avenues and some that could work for you and some that might not feel right. This brings me to the December Bingo Card that you can work on small habits throughout the month and find some things that work for you. One of my favorite habits on the board to try is to make a meal and share it with friends or family. Food is so much more than fuel and sharing it with those around you and savoring the flavors and the conversations is a habit I can get behind.

Before you go start filling in the board, at the end of the month send me a picture of your completed board (row, column, or diagonal bingos are welcome!) and we will set up a 15 minute consultation. As you go, feel free to reach out with questions, suggestions, or other feedback!

Happy Habit Building!

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