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New Year Bingo!

The January Bingo Card is here! With it come some new challenges! Specifically, in the H column of the card, the tasks are focused on goal setting, tracking, and reflecting. Most of us set new goals around new years. It's a fresh start, or just a good time thought-wise to think about things we want to do. With that, there are different things we can do to make our journey towards our goal more successful

One of the hardest things with goal setting is making sure it is trackable. Ask yourself, "how will I know that I'm making progress?" with the answer comes a way to track it. For example, I want to run a half marathon in 2022. And how will I know I'm progressing towards that goal? I am going to be running consistently and tracking my runs. With that, I am focusing my daily attention on an action step. Something that I am DOING to help me reach my goal.

Action steps are the things you do... the actions you will take. A great thing about doing something means that it is trackable in a quick way. "Did I go for my run today?" or "Did I put my phone down and play with my kids after dinner?" The actions can be 5 minute actions or actions that span an entire day. It all depends on the goal and what you're ready to tackle. With an action to track, you can now track it. Here is the important part, ACTUALLY TRACK IT. Whether it is a piece of paper, a note on your phone, a calendar on your wall, WHATEVER it is just have something. This allows you to look back and not have to rely on your brain. If I go on most of my runs, I can expect to make progress towards my goal of a half marathon and my tracking will show that I put in the work. If I didn't, then I am aware that I may not have made the progress that I want.

Another thing, and this is probably the hardest for me, don't expect perfection. Every workout will not be great. Every day will not be spot on with your meals. And sometimes life just happens. The idea here is to be as consistent as possible but don't let one not perfect thing get in the way of the rest of the good things that are happening. You can always jump back on the wagon rather than hanging out beside the wagon... or even running in the other direction.

What are you working towards? How are you going to work towards it? Not sure where to start? Reach out and I'm happy to talk with you about what you're thinking!

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