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Starting a New Journey

So are you new to the health and fitness world?!? Maybe you’ve started your journey to a healthy weight, or better movement overall, or being more mindful of how you treat your body; regardless, WELCOME! I’m super happy you decided to take the journey. The first steps are scary, the fifth steps are scary, all steps can be scary. I’m here to say. I’m rooting for you and I believe in you.

The first thing people usually think of when they start getting healthy is that they should go for a run. Now, I am not going to tell you not to run but I will say 1. Talk to your doctor. 2. Shoes can be more important than you realize 3. Start slow. 4. Check in with yourself to try to not get injured. 5. Check your ego at the beginning of anything. This is not a complete list but it's some basics that apply to a lot of other areas too.

My next thought reflecting on my journey is that small changes can make a bigger impact than huge changes that only last a short while. Do you hardly move at all? Try going for a walk. Do you eat Oreos for breakfast? Maybe try a cereal that still has some sweetness but also some fiber. Do you pull all-nighters? Focus on getting sleep every night. I went the whole hog when I first began my journey. I was super strict (I weighed my spinach for salads) and missing a gym session was almost a fate worse than death. Take from my experience that more is not always better.

** An aside about a product I love** Bolthouse Farm Ranch dressing. It is made with Greek Yogurt (one of my most eaten foods) and has fewer calories than regular ranch dressing but still tastes good. Small changes compound and lead to big changes.**

And you want to get more active? My first thought is amazing! I think if you can talk to someone that has experience with that would be helpful. In my journey, I didn’t talk to someone until I was 5 years into building habits… not all of them were the best. I neglected stretching and warming up like the plague and thought that sweating was the only way to know that I was making my workout worth it. I’ve learned that sweat isn’t always needed and warming up for a movement/ session is AHHMAZING!

But you would really like to have something to follow, I generally would start with some movements that target multiple muscle groups and are a good base for other movements.

My top 5 Movements everyone should learn

(in no particular order)

1. Squat

2. Push up

3. Deadlift

4. Row/ Pull Up

5. Split Squat

There are so many variations of each of these that you can adapt to whatever level you need and equipment can be minimal. When lockdowns first began, I was using a gallon of water for weight and spent a lot of time slowing down movements or adding a half rep.

Also, see number 5 for things to think about running. Maybe you think you can go ahead and move around a lot of weight. My biggest recommendation is to start at a lower weight. You can add more and have less chance of injuring yourself by increasing after you see where you are during the first few times you try a movement.

No matter what point you are at or where you are trying to go, enjoy the journey. It won’t always be fun and you might fall off the wagon but the amazing thing is you can always hop back on and get back to it. No one will fault you for having a piece of cake on your birthday and it doesn’t make you an unhealthy person. Get up the next day and jump back on the journey train! I believe in you and I’m glad you’re taking steps to be healthier!

If you'd like to know more about the movements or help with making nutritional changes, reach out and we can discuss!

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